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Store Provides Natural Alternatives for Health

The Garden of Eden, located at 4237 Ridge Ave., is an all-natural shop providing its customers with natural skin, hair and wellness products.

Todzsa Brown, the owner, said she offers a wide variety of products to promote a healthy lifestyle. Many of the items she sells are made by hand, Brown said. She dips her own incense, lets them dry and then wraps them to ensure they are fresh. Some of her big sellers are the wellness teas, soy body massage candles and acne treatments, she said.

“So many people wanted face products. I would just give samples to people and have them give me feedback and people loved it. It draws the impurities, dirts and oils from the surface,” Brown said.

The shop has been a place for Brown to share her knowledge of natural cures. She has remedies for all types of illnesses and troubles, she said. If she doesn’t know a cure, she’ll work with her clients to try and find one, brown said.

“Come here and we’ll try something else. Typically I’ll give people free samples if it’s something new. Go home and use this. If it works, come back for more. If it doesn’t, then there’s no harm,” she said.

She uses her own products, Brown said, and she wouldn’t give a product to someone she wouldn’t use herself.


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